Gift cards baskets

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gift cards baskets

So, a gift cards baskets is a non-name bank card of the international payment system Visa or Mastercard or some other system. To purchase if you do not need to fill out forms or submit documents, it is issued without opening a bank account. With a gift cards baskets, you can pay anywhere where credit cards are accepted, including in online stores. A gift card is the best gift for colleagues, friends, and relatives, which is pleasant to give and receive!

What is the validity period of a gift cards baskets?

The validity period of a gift cards baskets is indicated on the front of the card, a virtual prepaid gift card.

Why is the gift cards baskets Prepaid ?

There are already funds on the gift cards baskets, which the recipient can use at his discretion.

If the client did not manage to spend the entire amount from the gift cards baskets, and its validity period has expired, is it possible to return the money?

In case of expiration of the gift cards baskets balance of funds is not refundable.

How to pay with a gift cards baskets?

In the store to enter the PIN is not required. To identify the signature on the card, the cashier may ask to show an identity document.
On the Internet, you must enter the card number and expiration date – month/year and the three-digit code indicated on the back of the gift cards baskets.